Biological Weapons

What are biological weapons and what can they do to our bodies?Biological weapons
are one of the worlds most deadly weapons.Some of the bacteria and gases can kill you within
Biological weapons are not new;in fact the Russian researchers have been studding
biological weapons since World War I.They were fascinated with the nerve gases used and the
fatalities of the enemy. The only problem with nerve gas was that when the winds shifted the
gases would turn back and sink into the trench from which they came.This relates to the
fascination and link Iraq has to and with biological weapons.The Russians are allegedly selling
and producing weapons to and for Iraq.
Saddam Hussein is said to have missiles that include the following;Anthrax, a bacteria with spore-forming rods; lives in the soil.After becoming infected with the spores, by inhalation or touch the spore produces a toxin in the body.The incubation period for inhalational Anthrax is one to six days. One billionth of a gram of Anthrax is lethal.The symptoms are flu-like, cough, high fever and fatigue.Death can occur within 24-36 hours after the sever symptoms.The treatment is high doses of penicillin and other antibiotics.There is a vaccine that will prevent you from becoming infected with the spores.
Also Hussein is said to be hiding VX gas, one of the most lethal chemical weapons.VX is colorless and odorless it is originally a liquid but it turns into a gas when it is mixed with oxygen.
VX is toxic through inhalation and the pores of animals skin.VX is quick moving and almost undetectable, and it can disperse through water and air.It bars the transmission of impulses along the central nervous system, inducing convulsions, respiratory paralysis, and fatality.
The fatal quantum is ten milligrams that is just a droplet.The indications are

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