Biological Engineering

The idea of a perfect race wasfirst thought of way back during World War II, by Adolf Hitler. He wanted a nation of tall, healthy, intelligent, blonde-haired humans and these were the beginnings of biological engineering. The experiments carried out on the Jews, in the concentration camps, were utterly appalling. It was Hitler whofirst contemplated a superior race and he whofirst experimented with human beings.
Overall, there are three areas, which I would like to cover: human biology, animal biology and plant biology. Firstly, in human biology, scientists can now take blood samples from a foetus and determine its propensity to develop life-threatening diseases in the future such as diabetes, epilepsy and cancer. They can even tell whether the child is going to be born with conditions such as Down's syndrome when it is born. This presents the idea of'Designer babies' as the couple could find out the likelihood of the child developing these conditions and they could decide whether to terminate the pregnancy or not. On the other hand, the couple could say, okay, lets equip ourselves with the knowledge and resources to cope with our child's condition. The information could give the couple an opportunity to learn about a condition and allow them to prepare for it.
Imagine a couple couldn't conceive for some reason. Would you deny them the chance to create a child, through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), when we have the medical know-how? Basically, some eggs are taken from the female and some sperm from the male. Then, the healthiest egg is selected and the healthiest sperm cell selected. The sperm cell is then injected in to the egg in a test tube or on a glass plate, which is then inserted into the uterus, so that it appears as a normal pregnancy would. But it's not a normal pregnancy, as the child isn't conceived through the most intimate act of love, sexual intercourse. The unused eggs/spe

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