Biological Disaster

Picture that there are two people who decide to have a child.They discussed and settled upon allowing nature to decide how their child will turn out.Time passed and once again they wanted another child, but this time they choose to let science do the deciding.They scheduled an appointment with a doctor to decide on characteristics such as hair and eye color, intelligence, height, and sex.As more time passed the natural born child was more and more an example to the family as to what science had done for their second child.Child number two grew much faster, was physically stronger, and excelled more rapidly in school, in comparison to theirfirst born.As a result of this advancement, the father began to take a special interest in the younger child and soon began ignoring the other child.The older child had a special interest in becoming an astronaut, but because he had a heart problem and lacked the estimate of long life, he was never permitted to pursue his dream!
s.Society did not want a liability in work and choose not to take a chance on someone that might not work out intellectually or physically.No matter how much he studied or how much he trained, he was not accepted by the overwhelming society of people born by genetic engineering.This tale is a brief summary of the movie Gattaca.The story is an example of how far society may go if permitted to toy with the very backbone that defines who we are as people: our genes.The movie goes on to show the older child's struggle to reach his dreams through faking his natural identity.The challenges he faced because of the rejection modern society have given him since birth.The movie's theme was that there is no gene for the human spirit.This statement helps to portray my feelings that with the possibilities if genetic engineering arise the chance for great achievements in the medical field, but more importantly we could through our evolution off th…

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