An article published on April 25, 1953 in the science journal Nature written by scientists James Watson and Francis Crick, modestly suggested a model for the structure and replication of the DNA (refer to picture 1), the face of science changed forever (Aldridge, 8). The evolution of technology has reached a point where it is capable of creating and modifying the DNA using Biogenetics Engineering. Although Biogenetics Engineering is becoming a more well known subject to the general public, there are definitely issues and uncertainties to be resolved. There are doubts about how safe Biogenetics Engineering is, and also how difficult it will be to control it. Furthermore, for thefirst time in the history of mankind, humans passed from the status of being created, to the status of being creators. In my opinion, Biogenetics is risky; however, it is already here and now the best solution is to try to control it.
Biogenetics Engineeringfirst took shape as experimentation into finding cures for diseases and the production of antibiotics. The process involves the ability to reproduce and modify the DNA. In one common method used, the desired molecules of DNA are removed from the donor organism and implanted into the genetic material, so it can react and reproduce in the new genetic organism. In my point of view, this process does no damage to the environment. On the other hand, there is a certain stage where the process has to be tested on animals, or even humans. In some cases, the process can cause serious damage to the organism, maybe even leading to death. The main point is not the process, which Biogenetics Engineering has made, but mostly, the outcome of this process. An article from the Pure Food Campaign stated that Biogenetics Engineers will be creating thousands of new organisms over the next few years, and the result can seriously harm the biological environment. The article implies that the prospect is frightening regarding…

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