What is a Biofilm?You may not be familiar with the term “biofilm” but you have certainly encountered biofilm on a regular basis. The plaque that forms on your teeth and causes tooth decay is a type of bacterial biofilm. The “gunk” that clogs your drains is also biofilm. If you have ever walked in a stream or river, you may have slipped on the biofilm-coated rocks.
Biofilms are defined as "3-dimensional highly structured architecture of microcolony formed by populations of micro-organisms (prokaryotic and eukaryotic unicellular organisms) that are attached to an environmental surface.
I would like to make a note however: experts who deal with Biofilms sometimes consider these formations as a "double-edged sword". There are many profitable applications of these unique structures; although they are responsible for a range of disastrous effects on the environment, human health and various industries. As the same corrosive effects of biofilms, are used in advantageous applications of various industries. These various applications will be discussed later on throughout our presentation.
You will be surprised to know that the majority of microorganisms in nature aggregate into Biofilms. Which strengthens the community as a whole and improves the rate of survival for each individual microorganism. In order for biofilms to form, there are minimal conditions to be met. The most important of which is water, moisture is essential for Biofilms. Aggregations of microorganisms can only come together in a watery environment. This increases their diffusion gradient, and absorbance of nutrients.There are other requirements such as light, depending on the organism.
These conditions if met encourage the growth of a variety of bacteria and unicellular eukaryotes.
These microbial communities usually encase themselves in an extracellular polysaccharide substance or EPS in which they themselves synthesise. The integration of variou…

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