Bioethics/genetic engineering

By the year 2025, the world's population will be approximately 7.4 billion people and 2 million clones.What seems like something from a bad science fiction movie could, indeed, be a reality based on how quickly technology is growing in the area of genetics.However, such growth brings forth many concerns- primarily ethical and religious issues but holes in the legal system as well.Although there are many developments dealing with genetics that deserve mention, the more pressing topics that have struck public controversies and legal dilemmas are stem cell research and cloning (particularly, human).
Stem cell research requires experimentation on embryos, causing much turbulence in the area of ethics.Scientists are trying to harvest cells from the embryos because the cells are "blank" and have not developed into any type of particular cell.With this in mind, there is the possibility to manipulate the immature cells and make them do the job of a certain body cell; such as nerve cells to fix damaged brains cells and, therefore, work at eliminating Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease.Although no cure has been acquired from the research so far, that is not to say the field of study shows any sign of fading away.However, some scientists are looking for alternatives to embryonic cells and are attempting to use adult cells.Adult cells are not nearly as flexible as those of an embryo and so are limited to what type of tissue can be grown.
Harvesting stem cells consequently kills the embryo and thus sets fire to the opposition of pro-life advocates and religious leaders.Before, the arguments of the moralists were based on the thought that the research was unjustified because it destroyed a human life.In response, supporters explained that because the embryos in question were going to die anyway, they might as well be put to use.
Until late, such research was being practiced on th…

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