estore the lost historic animals of Israel
The ancient land of Israel has weathered centuries of metaphoric changes.This small country, about the size of Rhode Island, has seen human negligence towards its only permanent territorial dwellers destroy and eradicate them.The location, aspect, and climate of Israel has enabled it to play host to the amount of varied flora and fauna whole continents normally support.Israel lies at the crossroads to three major land masses-the African, European and Asian sub-continents.The northern and western coastal plains and mountains have a Mediterranean climate which once saw mammals ranging from bears to crocodiles.The two major deserts of the south once welcomed such beasts as lions, cheetahs and leopards.9 The ever shiftingcurrent of events whether political or social, have depleted Israel's unique environment of many indigenous species bringing the onset of extinction.1An organization called the Nature Reserves Authority created the Hai Bar reserves to combat the rapid extinction increase.In 1956, they began a project to reintroduce about 8 large mammals back to Israel which had be extirpated from the region.2 Their efforts have beena paradigm of how human restoration can succeed.
The previously viewed idea that losing a single species was a random event is proving to be false. When an animal goes extinct, it is quite likely that groups of similar species will begin to disappear, like the domino affect.3The situation is Israel is proof of this, over the past century related species have been simultaneously going extinct every few years.On a global scale, scientists now predict that up to half the worlds existing species will become extinct in the near future or from a different angle about 50,000 plant and animal will be lost annually.4Campaigns like the Hai Bar reserve are being encouraged internationally.
In the 1950's, the Persian Fallow Deer was tho…

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