Personal Interests 2

People in general consider traveling as their personal interests. One of my Personal

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Interests is traveling. When I was younger traveling quickly became one of my interests simply

because I enjoyed it so much. I have traveled almost all over the world and seen a variety of

different cultures and people. The reason why I chose traveling to write about is because of the

experiences and knowledge it gave me. There are two things that I learned while traveling. The

first thing was that it taught me to be open-minded about people and their culture. The second

thing it taught me which I think is the most important, to respect other cultures no matter how

unusual their beliefs seemed to be.

Traveling is one of my personal interests because it made me a more open-minded person

when it comes to inter acting with people. It also made it more understanding as to why people

act the way they do in there own society and in a society as diverse as the U.S. Before I had any

traveling experiences I thought that I had done everything there was to do and seen everything

there was to see. Nothing seemed interesting anymore and I thought I knew everything about the

world because I had just recently graduated from College. When I got married to my husband in

1975 we decided to take a trip to Europe. This was myfirst trip anywhere except from traveling

within my country. I was not that excited to be honest I had studied about Europe and didn’t

think anything of it. When we arrived in Europe, wefirst went to Germany to see my husband;s

sister thefirst thing I noticed about Germany that everything was so small I felt so

uncomfortable. I thought to my self-how could people live in such small houses. On top of that

all the water they drank was mineral water which I hated. I couldn’t understand why the

Europeans didn’t` drink juts normal wate…

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