Bio technology

The international issues in the bio-technological field of development are putting forward a dilemma of whether these technological advances will have a positive affect on society or not. Bio- technological research scientists claim that this great development will open up economic impetus similar to what we are seeing as a result of communications and Information technology. However, other scientists and citizen groups are increasingly concerned about the potential costs and adverse effects of these bio- technologies, especially genetic engineering. The world today is exposed to questions like if genetic engineering produces miracle crops to feed the hungry? Does it offer greener agriculture to protect the environment and provide magical cures for fatal diseases? Or will these promises pale beside the perils lurking in the large scale commercialization of an untried, inadequately researched technology that can get horribly out of control.
The term genetic engineering encompasses a wide range of procedures designed to alter genetic material. The approach to genetic engineering in society is an important ethical and economic factor in government policy.It is a responsibility of the society to think about new processes that can be initiated with genetic engineering. It is not inappropriate to discuss whether or not to make use of this technology possible for a developed industrial society.
Cloning is one aspect of genetic engineering, which has fired many issues internationally. Now that the cloning genie is out of the bottle, the issue is: what can be done and what should be done? If we can clone humans, should we? If parents could choose the gender, body type, hair color, and intelligence of their child like flavors of an ice cream, should they be allowed? If we had the power to create clones of already dead people, should we dare? Former U.S. president Bill Clinton imposed a ban on using government funds for cloning r…

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