"Bioethics is the study of the ethical problems arising from scientific advances. This usually is dealt with in the field of biology and medicine," (Webster 1).Bioethical research is beneficial to the prosperity and growth of humans.With advances in the biology field, humans can open doors to the unknown world."Stem cells present a new way to explore fundamental questions of biology" (Sharples and Pellmar 55).This will prove to be extremely beneficial to the success of the biology field.Advancement in genetics will create more opportunities for cures of harmful diseases.
Bioethics produces many benefits and even more opportunities."Stem cell research offers unprecedented opportunities for developing new treatments for debilitating diseases for which there are few or no cures" (Sharples and Pellmar 55).By using stem cell research, humankind can help increase the longevity and prosperity of our lives.If humans can live longer healthier lives, in turn they will be able to find new medicines.This will lead to happier and more productive lives.
With advances in the field of biology, there wouldn't be any boundaries to what scientists can't improve.Scientists have already begun to research and make new and improved foods.Some people say that these adjustments to cells are harmful.Yet, "Scientists know of no generic harms associated with genetically engineered organisms ("Why wouldn't humans want to take the most productive way of getting food? By genetically engineering plants, food quantities would be greatly increased.Along with increasing quantity comes increased quality.Genetically engineering foods helps bring out the best of the best.It would rid the agricultural industry of rotten corn, half developed tomatoes, and small corn husks.
Destruction done to crops because of insects and weeds are a major reason why

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