Bio Ethical Principles in Psychiatric Treatment


The medical professional in today’s’ global society has a great need
of a firm grounding in the principles of Bioethics. .The vast expanse of
ethical, spiritual and cultural beliefs from one country to another are
inclusive of many variations of beliefs and principles that must be
considered by the medical professional and indeed all that are employed
within the medical field. Bio-ethical considerations have gravitated toward
the use of “principle based approaches”[1] in resolving conflicts such as
the situation.The concept of Non-Malfeficence is a derivative of
traditional medical guidelines as ancient as the oath of the Doctor, the
Hippocratic Oath.
I. Theories of Moral Reason
Medical professionals and caregivers are bogged down in an influx of
ethical considerations as the world becomes more and more global.In
light of the global society in which so many races, cultures, and ethics
are meshed.The many faux pas possible in an eight hour day, due to
differences in religion, medical and ethical beliefs, including beliefs
based on disinformation and assumption is incomprehensible.
The medical provider, in this case the psychiatrist, must consider the
many aspects of that which influence the mother of this young boy in
effectively denying to her son prescribed care for a diagnosed condition.
The culture in China is one with a basis in the teaching of Confucius,
further influenced by Taoism, Buddhism and the concept of ying and
yang.[2]Philosophies of the culture in China as well as the religions
and educational influences affect and shape the way the Chinese view
healthcare and their beliefs are strongly tied to spiritual and ethical
II. Principle of Autonomy:

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There are several approaches that the medical provider can take in
effectively handling the situation. Thefirst principle in bioethics is…

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