Air is needed for most organisms to survive on Earth.Even though air is so vital to us, we are unable to maintain it.The air is composed of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Carbon Dioxide.Nitrogen make up about 78 percent, Oxygen about 21, Argon and Carbon dioxide which combines to form about 1 percent of the atmosphere on earth.When chemicals such as sulfuric acid are mix into the air they cause air pollution and have devastating effects on the environment.Air pollution is a general term for a variety of substances and gases in our air that poses a risk to our health.Air pollution can affect the way we live.It can deplete our ozone causing intense ultraviolet radiation to be transmitted on the earth which can cause human skin cancer eradicate off all the plants on earth.Air pollution is emitted by human activities that we are not even aware that we are doing.The burning of fossil fuels that supply us with electricity for our lights, televisions and computers is one of the leading contributors for air pollution because they emit large amounts of harmful compounds. .As we watch television at night we are adding harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.There are many solutions in dealing with pollutions in the air.Solutions such as using alternative methods in creating energy and the conservation of energy are great examples on way we can save our earth from pollution.Air pollution is a serious problem in the United States and has been because it can be sever enough to cause death.
What effects does air pollution do to our environment and our bodies?Severe air pollution can result in major damages or in death in the human body.In 1880, 2,200 Londoners died in an incident when coal smoke from home heating and industry combined to form toxic smog of sulfur dioxide gas and airborne combustion particles. Air pollution does not just affect us but also affects our environment.Many health effects due to air pollutio…

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