Binge Drinking

Objective: Reduction in students engaging in binge drinking during the past two to four weeks.
Binge drinking has long been associated with the American High School senior as well as early college students. Reasons for this association have been diagnosed as everything from a newfound sense of freedom to the inability to consistently attain alcohol, which increases the desire to consume alcohol in mass quantities when available. However, studies show that there are many more factors, which can contribute to this well documented problem. Some possible reasons are the overall view of alcohol by most Americans as an acceptable way to "socialize". American youths are exposed to it in movies, television, music, and by many of their parents. It may be fair to even go as far as saying that Americans view alcohol as a stepping stone into adulthood, that perhaps it enables students to react to the problems of the world in much the same way millions of adults do. In theory adult America is undoubtedly responsible for all ideas directly or indirectly related to the ideals that American youth represents which includes their views on alcohol and how they interpret "acceptable" consumption of it. This in conclusion to this topic, leads the writer to believe that the only way in which student binge drinking can cease or at least decline in number is for the adult world of the United States to eliminate their blatant hypocrisy towards massive alcohol consumption. American adults must accept their obvious responsibility for the lackadaisical attitude towards alcohol by the youth. They must face the reality of the situation, which is that early on, kids are blasted with billboards, commercials, and their own parents social activity which all points to alcohol as an accepted form of American behavior. Only to be contradicted by inaccurate portrayals of drinking by "D.A.R.E" programs and deceiving"21 means 21&quot

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