Bills Made Into Law

Describe the process of how a bill becomes a specific law with specific attetnion to the hurdles that result in the death of most bills.
Our government consist of three branches wich re the judicial legislative and executive. This branchesof government , for the most part are the ones that maintian order in our country. Each branch is assigned to a sepcific task. for example the legislative branch, wich is made up of congrss, is responsible for making the laws. but how are laws made?
Congrees has two annual sessions with in each term. During this sessions many bills are propsed . However oly about five to ten percent of all the bills porposed will pass as laws. As the steps abill must go through to become a law. The chances of it becoming a law become slim to none.
first a bill is introduce by anone in either the senate or the house. in the house of reprsenatives the represenative signs his name on a bill and putds it on the clearks sesk or it in a box called the"hopper". however, in the senat, it is usually introduced by the sponers from the floor. There after one must wait for the bill is then given a number (HR 253- Hr indicates the House of Represenatives) andput on the it to be put onto the agenda.The bill can be made public,wich pertains to public affairs or private whichpertains to a particular invidual.
Then the bill is referred to a standing commitee, here the bill is heard by hearings. After the billl is heard it id gave to differnt committies. It could be given to many committies to be passed through multiple referral. Although through muliple refferel, it gives the bill toa chance to be heard by many peole , it takes along time becaue it goes through eveyrone and by the time it is done it could have been agrreed on in differnt ways. If this haapens members have to come together in a gargantuan joint meeting. The multiple referral does havean advantage becaue it lets all the views be heard…

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