Bill of Rights

The Declaration of Independence is the document, written by Thomas Jefferson, that
separated us from British rule and gave us Americans our freedom. The Bill of Rights is thefirst
ten amendments that protect and guarantee us this treasure we call freedom. These sacred
documents have given us so much, but do we really give our undying commitment and dedication
to every nook, cranny, and article of these papers?I think not.If you can show me a person who
has not in one way or another disagreed and or shown apprehension towards a specific part of the
Bill of Rights, then I can show you a baby who has not yet left the womb.
Everything we say and do does not always conform to the Bill of Rights.Many of these
issues test or push the Bill of Rights to the limit.For example, gun control.This is a hot topic
that is constantly debated and is also a very arguable issue.The Constitution, specifically the Bill
of Rights, states that we, as Americans, have the right to bear arms; however, many bills have
been submitted to Congress to limit and or abolish our rights to possess firearms.Hey, make up
your minds, can we have guns or not?Another hot issue is the Ku Klux Klan.By law, the KKK
has the right to march down the streets and publicly demonstrate its hate towards the African
American society.Now, just because many of us do not approve of or even accept this group as
part of our society, does it give us the right to stone and threaten them?No, it does not.Even
though it is an obvious fact that the KKK does harm to the black community, our Bill of Rights
Thefirst amendment gives us freedom of religion, speech, press, peaceful assembly, and
the petition of government.This is probably the most celebrated amendment of the constitution.
It is also the amendment of which people are most often deprived.When it comes to freedom of
speech and press alike, people are consta…

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