Bill Clinton’s Infidelity

Bill Clinton;s Infidelity and the First Family
Like a lot of marriages the Clinton;s tends to be a mystery.For
thefirst lady and her daughter , the family relationship is almost a tragedy.
As Hillary did her best to promote Northern Ireland;s peace accords, address
top CEOs in Switzerland, give speeches to peace accords and take charge of
her husband;s health reform, she was left ignorant of her husbands sexual
affairs.Presidents Clinton;s sexual actions with various women has
definitely hurt thefirst family in many ways.
Right now our president is suffering the most embarrassing and
lowest point in his life.For Hillary things are just as difficult.With the
proof of terrible body language and failure to refer to the president as ;my
husband; many can understand this is obvious.Included in Starr;s report a
former aide stated ;It;s enormously painful for her;(Eye p.31).During the
family vacation to Martha;s Vineyard Hillary hid behind sunglasses and
didn;t answer in complete sentences.Thefirst family played no golf, sang
together, or even went out.The president spent most days in the guest house.
Hillary spent days in her room talking only to her mother on the phone and
going to church with Chelsea.Friends say she is so angry she will not even
watch t.v or read news papers about this scandal.
Word is out that Hillary has no plans in defending her husband.
She will do it when she is ready and on her own terms, but she does forgive
him and made a point to make it very clear.She has no intentions of giving a
speech for him only if she absolutely has to.Many say she will hurt him if
she does not stand by his side because in the past she has always been there
tohelp him.;She;s got no interest in sharing her hurt with the world;(Eye
p.32).This is only obvious for us to und…

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