Bigfoot, man, beast, or nonexistent, that is the question?Six feet or taller, giant is the word for this “thing.” Hairy all over, feet, skull, and hands larger than a humans.All is said about this nonfictional creature, or is it just a story brought upon in the early days to scare away enemies.Can this beast be proven to really exist in our present environment or is it just a myth said to be true to seek acknowledgment?
Bigfoot research began in the late 1950s, it was to solve the theory of the existence of this so-called creature known as Bigfoot.Sightings from thousands of eyewitness saying that they have caught an eye on a creature not well known to man.This creature was assumed to be extinct.But if this creature is said to be extinct, why haven’t there been any remains discovered of this creature?Evidence of this creature have been discovered like foot prints, hairs, and scats.But remains of a deceased Bigfoot have yet to be discovered.
Well, why haven’t we found these remains?Simple it is said that there have not been much serious work ever done to look for the remains of this creature.But haven’t there been research on finding more about this creature?How is the unsolved mystery of the wondrous Bigfoot going to be understood if there isn’t actions taken upon to solve this mystery?What about ancestors of this creature?This question has some background to it from researchers, Bigfoot is said to be a descendant of the giant Asian “wood ape.”Ironically there is barely any physical remains of this species to determine such a thing, except to predict.
Bones or bone fragments may have been discovered in the past, but simply not recognized as remains of Bigfoot.In 1965, at the Sierra Nevada Range, Dr. Robert W. Denton was on a backpacking trip when he came upon a Mexican farm worker trying to pull a mule out of a muddy bog near the river bank.As the mule struggled it’s way to esca…

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