Beware… National ID cards are Coming

In many countries all over the world governments keep
track of everything their citizens do from what they watch on television to where they shop and for whom.And in some cases who they marry and how many children they can have.These kinds of governments are called communists.
I was outraged by the terrorist attacks on 9/11 but, how many personal freedoms must we lose for the sake of national security?Phyllis Schlafly writes that a national ID wouldn't have prevented the attacks "since all 19 hijackers had visas issued by the government, most had social security numbers, and several had legally issued licenses."
Alan Dershowitz writes that "a national ID card could enhance civil liberties".How?By having anyone have to produce a card and then have his name ran through some computer.What about ex-cons who have already payed their debt to society?Will they be harassed solely for that purpose?Wouldn't that be a form of profiling?
A national ID card is a bad idea.Hari Heath writes "the silent coup of administrative tyranny relies on gradualism and societal conditioning." It brings us that much closer to having bar codes on our neck all in the name of national security.
From the perspective of someone who has been profiled I would much rather have a government that has little or nothing to do with the privacy of its citizens.We are a nation founded on freedom: a national ID card would only make us that much less free.

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