best polical candidate

According to the U.S Constitution, a president is elected every 4 years. We elected our new president in 2000, which was President George W. Bush, the son of former President George Bush. Is he doing a great job so far in his term? Let's see, 1 year after he was elected the United States was attacked by terrorist and went into was. Economy goes down, people loose their jobs, unnecessary war cost, etc. If you don't want all that to happened, for our next election, vote for John Kerry. He is the best Presidential Candidate for this upcoming election. He is a man trust, honor, and will never let you down
John Kerry was born on December 11, 1943 in Denver Colorado. Most of his life, he was raised in the Catholic Church. He graduated from Yale University magma cum Laude. After he graduated, he entered the U.S Navy. He fought in the Vietnam War and earned purple star, Silver Star, Bronze with Combat V. Since he got wounded in the Vietnam War, he became the co- fonder of Vietnam Veterans of America. Kerry was a co-founder of the Vietnam Veterans of America and became a spokesperson for the Vietnam Veterans against the War. Fourteen years later, Kerry graduated from Boston College Law School and found different ways to fight for those things in which he believed. Time and again, Kerry fought to hold the political system accountable and to do what he believed was right. As a top prosecutor in Middlesex County, Kerry took on organized crime and put the Number Two mob boss in New England behind bars. He modernized the District Attorney’s office, creating an innovative rape crisis crime unit, and as a lawyer in private practice he worked long and hard to prove the innocence of a man wrongly given a life sentence for a murder he did not commit. In 1984, after winning election as Lieutenant Governor in 1982, Kerry ran and was elected to serve in the United States Senate, running and winning a successful PAC-free Senate race and defeating…

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