Best Friends Forever

When Addie and Valerie became neighbors as children, Addie was certain they would remain BFFs forever. However a negative high school incident left Addie (the overweight and loyal friend) hurt–and tore the two into two directions where they remained until, 15 years later, Valerie (high school cheerleader, now weather girl) entered Addie’s life again…and with blood on her sleeve and in need of help. Best Friends Forever is a story of suspense, friendship, adventure and secrets and is told via 1st person and 3rd person from two different characters and also weaves tales of the past into the present via flashbacks. Where these elements could be awkward if not done well, it actually not only flows perfectly, but adds great interest for the reader. In spite of having read several great books recently I hadn’t realized that the range of emotion (humor, suspense, love, tears, revenge…) within “Best Friends Forever” was just what I needed til I read it. The character development is so deep that I felt certain the author must “know” pieces of these characters somehow in real life or experienced some of what she described within her own–Great depths to their personalities and interactions. You truly read into their souls and she captures details in her words that make for deep insight. I also felt I was taken from childhood to adulthood in great detail (some will feel as though they are right back in highschool with her descriptions. ) and I both cried and laughed…it’s actually a very deep story and nothing felt forced or contrived to me. You’ll want to go through the adventure of Addie and Val so much that you may need to grab your booklight for this one…I found it to be a true “page turner”. I felt empathy for Addie’s struggles and adored Jordan and was captured by a roller coaster of emotions for Valerie. And…I’m typically not a person you can surprise with a twist at the end of a book; I always see it coming it seems. But this one was a surprise. To wrap up a tale and include such a range of emotion…suspense, heartbreak, humor, romance, and surprise all intertwined made for a truly great summer read. Afterall, what more is left?! Conclusion: excellent read…includes great characters, descriptions, adventure and a range of emotions spliced with some humor. A+

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