Beowulf 2 Essay Research Paper People have

Beowulf 2 Essay, Research Paper

People have enjoyed adventure stories for 1000 s of years. Some of the most popular adventure tales fit the criteria of epics. This is true of the Anglo Saxons story, Beowulf. Beowulf qualifies as an epic for the following reasons: the hero performs courageous dead, the plot has supernatural beings or events, and the hero s actions determine the fate of a group of people. First of all, Beowulf, the super hero, performs several courageous deeds. For instance, when Beowulf battles Grendel with his own bare hands. To face such a terrible beast with the greatest weapons would be a terrifying thought by its self. He is willing to risk his life to save people he doesn t even know. A second example is when Beowulf ventures into the swamps of where all the evil lives to seek out and destroy Grendels mother. He risks his life just by going near the swamp and he swims to the depths of its murky death to battle the evil within.

As well as performing courageous deeds, Beowulf also encounters supernatural beings. Furthermore, the story of Beowulf, includes supernatural beings that help make it an epic. First of all, Grendel is a beast that lives in a mysterious swampy marsh. He only hunts at night and he lurks in the shadows, you never know where he is but you can always feel his evil presence. He is a gruesome monster with great power, with razor sharp claws for gripping and shredding the place of hands. Grendel also bears many human-like qualities causing him to be known sometimes as a cannibal instead of a predator. The second paranormal creature is the dragon that Beowulf battles. The dragon is a ferocious beast that can engulf an entire village in flames with a single deadly breath. Not only did he strike fear into soldier s hearts; his deadly venomous bite is the terrible cause of Beowulf s downfall. Now that you know about the supernatural beings, you will learn about the hero s actions and how they effect the fate of the Danes and the Geats.

The powerful fearless warrior, Beowulf, battles many monsters and demons that threaten the lives of the Geats and the Danes. Beowulf saves the Geats by destroying Grendel and his evil mother. Grendel was always destroying and wreaking havoc in the mess hall looking for humans to eat, so many people were afraid to even come near the mess halls. So Beowulf battled Grendel to bring life of the Geats back to a normal state and extinguish the fear that they dealt with everyday. Secondly, he stopped the horrendous dragon from destroying the town and slaughtering his men. The dragon killed off many of the Danes, and that caused people to fear even setting a foot outside their own homes. Once Beowulf defeated the evil dragon the people found the great treasure that the beast once protected. Days later the great hero died from his battle wounds with the monster.

The story of Beowulf is an epic because his actions and decisions determined the fate of a group of people, the story contained involved supernatural beasts and evil, and himself as the hero, performed many courageous tasks.

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