Benifits of the death penalty

The justification of the death penalty is a constant controversy in today's society.The ultimate decision is a burden over all who execute this final sentence and the society that allows for it.Is it just or unjust? Does the criminal deserve this heinous sentence?According to 80% of United States citizens surveyed, the answer was yes (Stewart 1).Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for society's decision to go pro death penalty is that no executed murder has ever killed again (Lowe 20).It eliminates the burden on society that the murder creates in prison and serves as deterrence for future murders.However, twenty or so percent of death penalty opponents in the United States have made their own justification of why the death penalty should be nullified. They believe that combating violence with more violence doesn't solve anything and question the logic of killing to show that killing is wrong.Although there is much controversy surrounding the death penalty, it is clear that it is a necessary part of the judicial process.
Opponents argue against the death penalty for a number of reasons. In thefirst place, it is in violation with the teachings of the Bible and United States Constitution, but more importantly they believe this action is immoral due to the barbaric methods.They also argue that it is a racial issue and an expensive method to put an end to crime. There seems to be some legitimate arguments.
In the words of the New Testament, Jesus once said, "Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw thefirst stone at her." (John 8:7) John Dear, a death penalty opponent interpreted these words. He wrote:
Jesus not only condemned the death penalty, he poetically chastised the scribes and Pharisees for considering themselves sinless and able to pass judgment on others.Jesus' words made them realize their own sinfulness and filled them with shame (Dear 75).
Even today we have…

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