Benifits of Human Cloning

There are many benefits to the development of human cloning.Cloning of cells and genes has been a foundation in the development of many new drugs.These drugs can benefit many people suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases.
There have been many discussions about cloning in agriculture and laboratory animals since the announcement of "Dolly."Cloning technology is being used today in agriculture to produce an improved quality and higher yield of fruits and vegetables.
Livestock animals have been cloned using the method of embryo splitting techniques.The use of nuclear transfer technology will likely bring more improvements to transgenic livestock animals.The protein in the milk of these animals are being tested
for use in humans.Nuclear transfer technology offers the potential of developing many medical benefits.
Many biotechnology companies are producing these cloned animals to test life-threatening diseases.Mice can be tested for some of the diseases that affect humans.
These treatments can help develop quicker human therapeutics.Using the cloned mice could increase our capability to test new treatments for diseases in humans.
Animals are being bred today, whose organs may be transplanted into an individual suffering from an organ failure.Transgenic technology is being used to produce these animals, lessening the likelihood of the organ being rejected by the human patient.This could potentially make an endless supply of transplantable organs such as kidneys, livers, and hearts.
Cloning of animals could also improve the efficient production of human medicines.Transgenic technology is being used today to produce therapeutic human proteins in animals' milk.The protein is taken out of the milk and used to develop medicines for humans.This could potentially provide many needed medicines to humans.With…

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