Benefits of Uniforms Within Schools

Uniforms are commonplace in many important areas within society and are a source of affiliation and pride for those who wear them. Sport teams from house league to the professional level have uniforms. Medical professionals wear uniforms, as do public safety workers. Every school is a learning institution which imprints upon its students strong morals and values. They strive to create an environment in which all of this can be achieved. The philosophy of St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School is to develop in all its members, a genuine self-love, love of thy neighbour morale. It is believed that to achieve this dynamic, the individuality of each student must be respected by allowing for the development of the whole person to his or her fullest potential. Effective schools are characterized by a sense of pride on the part of the students. The presence of uniform clothing within an educational institution is undoubtedly beneficial to the school and its students. Uniforms are a concrete way to successfully accomplish this. Not only do they significantly increase the safety of the institution, but they also positively influence classroom behaviour, and curtail the effects of peer pressure.
A safe and disciplined learning environment is paramount in educating students. The quality of education today is being hampered as a result of the rising presence of gang violence within schools. Uniform dress, however, has combated this problem. As a result of the implementation of uniforms, teachers no longer have to be concerned with student apparel and can devote more time and effort to instructing students. A uniform policy prohibits clothing that bears gang colour or insignia. This protocol significantly reduces the risk of gang related violence within educational institutions.Not only do uniforms virtually eliminate precarious gang confrontations within schools, they also make it possible for staff and students to easily identify intruder…

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