Benefits of Animal Experimentation

Are we to let concern for the'rights' of pests cost human lives?The answer is a simple one-no.Animal research, although often the subject of debate is a positive thing.Without it, where would the world be?Tests certainly cannot be done on humans, for what human will risk his or her life if there is a more convenient and sensible option.Yes the animals endure pain and, at times, lose their lives but new advances are being made in that field as well.Studies are always being done to ensure the maximum safety and comfort for these subjects.
Animal Testing-Good for Mankind or Violation of Rights?
Animal testing-is it inapplicable?Many researchers shout yes; results received from small animals and rodents do not apply to humans.If this is so, then why have so many advances been made since the dawning of animal testing?Dozens of vaccines have been found not to mention antibiotics."Indeed, we cannot think of an area of medical research that does not owe many of its most important advances to animal experiments (Rowan, p.21)."
The main argument of animal research opponents is that animal tests are inapplicable."Animals and humans biologically differ from each other.So results from animal experiments can't be applied directly to humans (Chang, p.2)."Other arguments include:
 Humane alternatives to much of animal research, such as tissue samples and computer models, already exist.
 Animals have rights.When engaging in animal research, "they violate the rights of an animal to be free of unnatural diseases, injuries, or mental and behavioral problems (Chang, p.2)."
If cures are to be found, animal testing is necessary.In addition to discovering microorganisms, animal experimentation has led to significant medical findings related

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