Being Digital

Being Digital by Nicolas Negropointe was a very interesting book.I am not a big reader so it is hard for me to get into a book.But Negropointe provided a new view of some of the implications of digital technology that I have never heard before.Some of the other things that kept me in the book were the short chapters and the simple analogies, which really help me understand him more about were he is coming from.I also like the way he showed me his perspective through non-technical terms.It was not hard to understand at all.I liked the way he views the impact of technology through diverse perspectives.I was also particularly fond of the way he backed up or supported a lot of his information with real life stories and events.Now I am going to discuss in detail the parts of the book I liked and disliked.
In chapter 1, I really liked the way Negorpointe used the terms bits and atoms.The way he described them and how they are used is amazing.I never would have thought a form of an atom would be a newspaper, magazine, or a book.Bits are pretty much any information not in physical material.I also liked the way he compared businesses, like the information delivery business being bits and the manufacturing business being atoms.I never thought of the Internet, or the information superhighway as a global movement of weightless bits at the speed of light.It really opens up your eyes of what goes on everyday on the Internet.
The part of Being Digital I liked most was chapter 13, and how the author talks about the transition from the industrial age to post industrial age.He made it a big point that we have discussed this subject so much and for so long, that we have not realized that we are about to pass the information age right into the post-information age.This book makes you think about the industrial age and how it is an age of these atoms that Negropointe talks about and

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