Behavioral Management for Early Childhood – Pre-K

There has been an alarming concern towards violence in the society. Whether it is in a developed or industrialized country, or if it is a society crippled by war, man is surrounded by different forms of violence. In the streets alone, a child may potentially witness death from gang encounters. Schools should have been a place where children can safely spend a majority of their time. However, even schools could not escape from the ill effects of violence and violent behavior from its students. In 1999, two high school seniors in a public school in Colorado had acted out a year long plan to kill hundreds of their peers: at the end of the day, they had killed twelve students, one teacher, and the two armed students had killed themselves. The Columbine massacre is one of the most disturbing acts of school violence done by children. At present, it has been the concern of parents, teachers, government officials and social workers to deter violence in schools. Violence in schools these past years has become rampant. In 2003 along, 5,570 children aged 10 to 24 years old were murdered (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2007). Thirty-three percent of high school students were reported to have been part of a physical fight in a year, while 17% carry a weapon such as a gun, knife, or club, within the past month. There has been an increasing trend of violent behavior being manifested by children. A kindergartner in Philadelphia was reported to have punched his pregnant teacher in the stomach. Some schools have had uncontrollable incidents of violence from primary school students that police had been asked to guard the schoolhouse door. These very young children have been reported to kick, bite, scratch and hit both classmates and teachers. In Philadelphia, 22 kindergartners had been suspended because of unruly, aggressive behavior, while 500 kindergartners had been suspended from Minneapolis schools over the past two years due to ag…

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