Beautiful Mount Lassen

In this essay I will talk about Mt. Lassen and all it's different features. I will focus
on four different features.I will tell you why this is a geographic site that everyone
should see at least once in there life. First, I will tell you about the Native Americans that
lived in and around the mountain, second I will tell you about the European influences to
the mountain, third I will tell you about the volcanic activity and last I will talk about the
The Native Americans lived in the Lassen Peak area thousands of years ago.
Prehistoric Indians had crossed the over between Asia and North America during
the ice ages as long as 70,000 years ago. There were about 103 separate tribes speaking
21 different languages in California during the 18th century, before Europeans arrived.
Archaeological surveys indicate that the Lassen Park area was used regularly by the
Native people who lived and work sites have been found throughout the park. A
relatively large tribe called the Maidu, which are still around today, filled large areas on
the east and south side of the park in a meadows area that is now lies beneath Lake
A second tribe, the Atsugewi, spent their winters along Hat Creek and in Hat
Creek Valley. They traveled to the north and northwest regions of the Lassen Park area in
the springtime. In the Summer months the Atsugewi tribe spent there time hunting the
large herds of deer and fishing in the mountain streams, while gathering seeds and berries
as well as roots and grasses to make baskets. The Atsugewi are still around today because
they avoided conflict with the white settlers; they are still in areas of their native lands.
During the summer months at Lassen Park, members of the Atsugewi tribe demonstrate
Basketry, tool technology, and their cultural traditions.
The Yana and Yahi Indians lived most of the year along creeks to the west of
Lassen Peak where there …

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