In a democratic society, we the people elect representatives to carry out our needs and trust in them that they will carry out that representation in an efficient and responsible manner for the best interest of the public they are representing.That United States government as a legislature, executive branch, and a judiciary branch carries out that responsibility usually with much success and fairness.When the government becomes almost controlled by bureaucracy, that is when our republic becomes undermined and the democratic government that we entrust is, falls apart.
The bureaucracy is permanent or ongoing structure that will always exist and will never be replaced.It is comprised of individual groups of government working to finish a common task.It is made up of supervisors upon supervisors who all have a specific job so that the end task is completed with preciseness and in an expeditious manner.The thing that ends up happening is that while the legislature may make the law and the executive branch may have to administer them as supervisors, but what ends up happening is that it is the supervised who do the work and often they exceed their authority.When they do, the entire system is undermined.
The executive and legislative branches have created laws and regulations to control bureaucracy as a whole.The bureaucrats often times tend to step on the shoes if you will of the two branches and take matters into their own hands and completely disregard the law. In drafting and enforcing the regulations they issue under the laws passed by the legislators, they often act in excess of their legal authority. Such things they do are unconstitutional.
A recent example of this is an issue that came up with the FDA.The FDA attempted to create rules and regulations concerning smoking and tobacco.The almost passed the laws until the government said that is was against regulations and they couldn't do it.The …

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