Bear Debate

A Bear of a Debate
Hunting, to me, has always been the reason my dad disappeared on the weekends once the whether turned colder.I never paid much attention, nor did I ever really form a view on hunting itself.The men in my family are big on it, so I was always hearing the "it's in the thrill of the hunt" comments; and to be perfectly honest, it must have been because I can only remember one time when the unshaven, plaid laden men didn't come home empty handed.
It being the year 2004, it's official that I can vote.Everyone who knows me could tell you I'm not the politically sound type, so it was no shock that I wasn't all that keen on casting my votes in the upcoming elections.
"Who's ya papi?" was echoing throughout Fenway Park.I was watching the Sox Pregame show on NESN with my family when it broke to a commercial.
There appears a Maine black bear, howling due to it experiencing severe pain and anguish, as he is stuck helplessly in a trap.Alongside the trap is a large barrel of meat and human scraps that is intended to bait the bear to the area.Within seconds, men are shown on the screen, standing within feet from this occurrence; and instead of calling for help and trying to free the bear, a man calmly walks right up to the bear (close enough to touch him), pulls out a gun, and fires shots directly at the it.
VOTE YES ON QUESTION #2 flashes on the screen to bring the commercial to an end.

What a powerful message.I admit I'm not overly informed on hunting and it's laws, but what I saw seemed outrageous.There was no way that could be seen as anything other than wildlife abuse.Realizing the amount of propaganda that fills campaign ads, I decided to research the issue to ensure that I'd make an informed opinion.
I found one of the biggest debates within the topic of bear trapping to be that if we were to make it a crime and illegal, …

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