be all you can be

Be all that you can be in the Army.Earn up to $40,000 for college, get valuable training, and have your health at risk for the rest of your life, and don't forget the 30 days paid vacation.I know you all have heard that slogan before, or maybe you should have.That is what the Army should tell you on all of those commercials since they made it mandatory for every soldier to be vaccinated against the deadly illness, anthrax.But, if you refuse the vaccination then you are out of not only a job but also you could serve jail time. Soldiers should not be put in a position where they have to choose between risking their health or losing their job.
There are many problems with the vaccine itself.The vaccine has never undergone long term test, so even the Department of Defense has no idea what this could possibly do to soldiers down the road of life.That right there tells you that the Generals in the Pentagon don't care about your life at all.I wonder if our friends, the leaders of our armed forces were also forced to take this vaccine.
When the vaccinefirst became mandatory for all personnel, I was stationed in Korea.Due to the fact that we were overseas, we had the opportunity to be thefirst troops to receive it.I however was exempt from taking the vaccine because I was leaving the country in the next two months and time wouldn't allow me to receive the shots in proper order.What I witnessed my colleagues go through was enough for me to swear never to except the shots.I saw a large group of people break out in hives and actually had the opportunity to watch one soldier have a seizure.Now, the Army won't say whether or not the seizure had anything to do with the shots but I was fairly certain.
The Anthrax vaccine was administered during the Gulf War to soldiers that went over to the Middle East to fight.Now there is an undiagnosed disease called the Gulf War disea

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