Barry Goldwater

When you here the word conservitism or conservative movement lots of people come to mind.People like Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight D. Eisenhowser, William F. Buckley, and so on and so on.None stand out the most than Barry Goldwater.Barry Goldwater was one of the pioneers of the conservative movement.Goldwater remained a conservative until the day he died.

Barry Goldwater was born January 1, 1901, in Phoenix Arizona. He was the son of a Jewish father and a Protestant mother, and had become the voice of a booming Southwest with a conservitive policy written in his book. ' The Conscience of A Conservitive'.Opposing the fabric of the welfare state, questioning the authority of the Supreme Court, and holding a nationalist foreign policy.He became a spokesperson for right-wing Republicans in their campaign against a big government, advocating instead greater state and local powers.Goldwater vigorously apposed welfare appropriations as socialistic and sought to curb public ownership of utilities.A strong anticommunist Goldwater supported military intervention in Vietnam and criticized efforts to achieve dente with the U.S.S.R.In 1952 Barry was elected Senator of Arizona, upsetting Senate Minority Leader Ernest McFarland, author of the widely popular G.I. Bill.

The conservative movement has reshaped American politics.Of course Barry Goldwater rose to national prominence in 1960 and led the conservative takeover of the Republican Party in 1964.In 1964 Goldwater was a presidential canidate but was unsuccessful.He was decisively defeated by Lyndon Baines Johnson.After Lyndon Johnson's overwhelmingvictory in 1964, Arthur M. Schelsinger Jr. was only one of many commentators who claimed that conservitism was finished, and that the Republican Party was forever doomed if it succumbed to become an ideological conservative party.Everyone saw the size of the defeat.Almost none grasped th…

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