Bali is located in an archipelago country of Indonesia. It is an island in the Southern part of Indonesia, in the Indian Ocean. There is no other island more beautiful than Bali. The island is nicknamed “Island of the Gods” for its natural beauty and friendly Balinese.
Bali is one big sculpture. Every status is manicured and polished with such delicate details, every niche and field is carved by men. The surface of the island is marked by deep ravines, fast flowing river, and a stretch of volcanic chain. On the plains of Bali, rice fields are exquisitely carved out of hills and valleys, and the water is just sparkling with green. Besides rice, crops such as tea, cacao, groundnuts and tropical fruits flourish in the island.
Balinese are skilled artists. They do extremely well in woodcarving. The women of Bali are noted for their traditional dancing and for their skills in weaving clothes from thread as well as embroidering silk and cotton.
The majority of Balinese believe in the teaching of Hinduism. Unlike Hinduism in India, in Bali Hinduism has developed on its own line of faith. The Balinese are scared witless of ghosts, goblins, and the like, which could disguise themselves as black cats, naked women, and the crows. Spirits dominate everything the Balinese do, and they are constantly offering fruit and flowers to calm down angry deities. According to the Balinese faith, there are sun gods, deer gods, deities, and many other gods. Clay figures of some of the gods are put in the house. Offerings are then offered to these figures. Usually the offerings consist of banana leaves holding a few grains of rice, fruits and flowers.
In Bali, there are temples everywhere. There are temples in houses, in courtyards, marketplaces, cemeteries, and rice paddies, on beaches, even within the roots of really old trees. At most intersections and other dangerous places, temples are erected to prevent mishaps. Even in the middle of jungl…

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