Bad Luck and the 4th Dimension

Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to be born with bad luck? Some people appear to be touched by the hand of Midas, and yet others always step out on the left side of bed. What if there were actual scientific explanations for these phenomenons. During a physics lesson in my junior year we were discussing Einstein’s theory of relativity and how it applied to the “space-time” continuum, or fourth dimension. Leaping off tangent from that topic we discussed the “what-if” of not only multiple, parallel universes, but intersections of those dimensions. This line of thought eventually brought me to a conclusion that bad luck is actually caused by fluctuations in the space-time continuum. To understand this theory, youfirst have to have a general understanding of the theory of relativity and also my own
understanding of the 4th dimension.
Basically this theory attempts to analyze the interdependence of both time and space. It explains how, to an observer, the effect of a gravitational field is parallel to the effects of an accelerated coordinate system, like a spaceship. There are seven main postulates in the theory but those I am primarily concerned with are that time is relative, space and time are interdependent, and gravity is a result of curved space and time. This means that the more massive an object is, the more gravity it has.
A personal pet theory of mine is that each human has their own continuum, and they are created of infinite continuums of tissue, molecules, atoms… or mini- continuums. The universe is a continuum, but the earth could be classified as one as well. Each mini-continuum is enclosed in a larger one, and the energy of the
larger continuums contributes to the overall stability of the universal continuum. Since mass effects gravity, and gravity is controlled by space and time, the smaller an object is, the less effect it has on the larger continuums. A single iron atom’s continuum does …

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