Bacteria can be found almost anywhere on the globe, even in the most remote places, bacteria can be found.Bacteria belong to the oldest group of organisms. A 3.5 billion-year-old fossil contains ancient bacteria (Johnson 339).The tiniest organisms can be filled with bacteria. You cannot see bacteria with out microscope. People can grow bacteria to find out different things. More bacteria will grow yogurt that has more milk fat.
There are three common shapes of bacteria: spiral, rod-shaped, and spherical.The spherical shaped bacteria are usually formed in long chains.Rod-shaped bacteria looks like abstract art and spiral bacteria looks like DNA strands (Johnson 339).Even though they may look interesting, they can have an awful effect. One type of spiral shaped bacteria sometimes causes kidney and liver damage. This spiral-shaped bacterium is called Leptospira.Staphylococcus aureus is a spherical bacteria that can cause skin infections (Johnson 339).
Although there are three major shapes of bacteria, there is a certain general structure to all bacterial cells. There is no nucleus in a bacterium. All of the genes of the bacterium are located on one molecule of DNA in the middle of the bacterium. Some bacteria attach to other surfaces by pili, the part of the bacteria which sticks out from the outer surface.There are little propellors, that are knobs that swing around, which are on some bacteria that allow them to glide through their environment (Johnson 341).
Bacteria can reproduce every twenty minutes by splitting themselves in half. Before bacteria split, they have to duplicate their DNA so that there is enough DNA for a second cell.The bacterium can then split into two identical cells. Some bacteria can split into as many as five times in one hour.
Bacteria stay alive by feeding on other things. Some bacteria break down sugar in foods. Other bacteria feed on organic material,and still other bacteria

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