Bacteria reproduction

"Bacteria: Chemical Complexities in Simple Cells"
Alex Bhaskarla
Biology 2
Dr. Piper

Bacteria can be classified as a singular, minuscule life form in the kingdom prokaryote. Bacteria may appear to others to have a simple internal system. Cell Cultures are used to normally study bacterial growth using a growth curve by apparent amount. This shows if the bacteria in the cell culture are growing or not. No matter how harsh the surroundings there are types of bacteria that can thrive in it from little or no water to extremely hot temperatures. Bacteria do have intricate features in their construction, which is more intricate than it seems. The opening consists of the bacteria in the plasma membrane that is actually a selective permeable barrier wall, which is the limit of the cell. The next part of a bacteria the cytoplasm medium. The cytoplasmic matrix is the mixture of substances lying in the membrane plus the nucleoid. Another part is the nucleiod of a bacterium. This is the area contained within bacteria in which the genetic material of the cell is located. The nucleiod is not defined by a membrane but is an irregularly shaped region of the cell. The gas vacuole of a bacterium is to give the cell buoyancy in aquatic environments. The inclusions bodies are within the bacterial cell are for in different substances like phosphate, c…

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