Bacteria live almost everywhere, even where other forms of life can't. The only places' where they can't survive is in sanitized places. Some bacteria need oxygen to survive, and others don't need any. Also some can survive with both, but some can't survive with oxygen. They protect themselves by forming a thick cell membrane inside the old one.
Bacteria get food by feeding off of other tiny organisms and by making food. They make their food by using the sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. They move by attachments off their body, which is mainly, called flagellas. They're like a tails or antennas. Bacteria reproduces when one of them become to large. It then divides into two.
Bacteria can also harm humans, plants, and animals. They harm are bodies by coming through a opening in are body and then finding a cell. When they take over a cell they reproduce and kill it. Without a cell to take over they would die. Some diseases that bacteria makes are cholera, gonorrhea, leprosy, pneumonia, syphilis, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and whooping cough.

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