Background of Transgenic Research

Genetic engineering has opened many doors for new sciences to develop.One such
science is the research and alteration of the food we eat; this is commonly known as
transgenic research.Whether through crops or agricultural animals, the common goal is
to increase food surplus.Most of the GM (genetic modification) research is focused on
causing crops to withstand herbicides and pesticides so more of these chemicals can be
poured on the land without hurting the food.The national director of the BioDemocracy
Campaign, Ronnie Cummins, lists that "The leaders in biotechnology are the same giant
chemical companies–Monsanto, DuPont, AgroEvo, Novartis, and Rhone-Poulenc–that
sell toxic pesticides." These companies sell crops that are resistant to their own herbicides
and pesticides so they can sell those as well (115). This seems to be driven by the desire of
money and profit gain. In a similar article, Brian Halweil observes that the seeds of these
herbicide-resistant crops (HRCs), are packaged with "Monsanto's best selling herbicide,
'Roundup'" (143).The outcome for these GM crops is an increase of the use of toxic
chemicals; this will atfirst cause a higher yield of grain, but will ultimately pollute our land
With the main goal of transgenic research to cure world hunger, most people
would be in favor if it did indeed meet the world's food demand.Transgenic research is
not the only way to treat the world hunger problem though.According to Norman
Borlaug, in 1994 the world produced "5 billion metric tons" of food, and if it had been
distributed evenly, then a "diet of 2,350 calories" could have been distributed to 6.4 billion
people for a year– "about 800 million more" than the population of 1994 (134).This
shows a major unbalance of food distribution to countries.The current solution taking
place, instead of…

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