In the novel Babbit, written by Sinclair Lewis, the main character George Babbit goes
through many changes in his life.He always seems to be concerned with his physical
appearance.He makes sure that he is dressed well to impress and that his hair looks good.
He is very concerned about his son, Ted.He takes notice in Ted's actions toward school.
He realizes that Ted does not want to attend college and this disturbs him.In the
beginning of the book and until the very end, Babbit shows no love or respect for his wife
Myra. they constantly fight. But in the end, it is the exact opposite.
George Babbit is primarily concerned with his money and the way that other
people perceive him. On a typical day for Babbit, he has a dilemma about what he should
wear, like he is almighty and important."Now where the devil is that gray suit? Oh yes,
here we are.His second embellishment was combing and slicking back his hair. It gave
him a tremendous forehead, arching up two inches beyond the formal hair-line."We all
know that there is something hiding under Babbit's expensive suit.Lewis begins to
describe in detail as to what Babbit was wearing. "This gray suit was well cut, well made,
and completely undistinguished. It was a standard suit. His shoes were black laced boots,
good boots, honest boots, standard boots, extraordinarily uninteresting boots."The way
that Lewis describes the boots, is the way that he perceives Babbit: honest, good,
standard, and uninteresting. (pg. 11)
Ted wants the readers to think that he actually cares about what Ted does with his
future.But in reality, the only thing that he cares about is himself and what people think
of him. "I've found out it's a mighty nice thing to be able to say you're a B.A."Babbit
then makes an attempt to make Ted feel bad."You don't think that a fellow learns any
more because he blows in his father's hard …

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