Aylitical critique of Post cold war philosophers Fukuyama

The cold war was a time of political and economic insecurities. It was not a battle in the sense of bloodshed but a battle purely of political ideology. It was a battle of political ideas which involved blocs and mini wars fought by the Soviet Unions allies rather than themselves.The United States was politically opposed to a communist ideology and communist influence on third world or less developed countries. These tensions began as early as World War 1, due to the Russians pulling out of the war, and continued to the late 1980's and early 1990's, when a democratic change took over. This time period is considered to be the end of the cold war. There were many articles with differing opinions written at this time. No articles were more notable and risky than Francis Fukuyama's "The End of History". Fukuyama stated that history had come to an end in a sense to the emergence of a strong and unbreakable form of western liberal democracy. Fukuyama's ideas will be challenged and also better explained in the following years by other Political Scientists and philosophers such as Huntington, Barber and Sakakibara as just a few to mention.
Though Fukuyama has many valid points his article is based purely on speculation. His ideas and Philosophies were so brash and new that he took much criticism but yet still opened up a whole new debate on the future of international politics. The cold war was just at its end. The Soviet Union and communism as a whole was in a bit of a retreat stage. The cold war was beginning to be viewed as the past and liberalism was beginning to be seen as the prevailing and stronger political ideology. The future as with all political struggles was still unsure. Fukuyama boldly stated that liberal democracy will not be superseded by a better or higher form of government. Large ideological battles and debates would be a thing of the past and this would also bring to an end large confli…

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