The reason I choose this topic is because I might have some Austrian in my family.I thought that it would be cool to figure out some things about this country and also check if they are bad or good.In this article, they talk about a lot of things and how they think that the U.S looks at them like Barbarians and other interesting facts.

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The Atlantic Journal the Atlantic constitution; Atlantic, Ga.; Feb 13, 2000; Bert Roughton Jr.;

Haider, 50, leads the populist right Freedom Party, which in recent days was installed as a coalition partner in Austria’s new Government.This has caused a lot of drama in the country of Austria.A lot of people are raging around in Vienna.The police are dressed up in Riot gear because of the raging on the streets.Gargle says “It’s crazy, he sits around with a beer in one hand and a Cuban cigar in the other.Two thirds of the people didn’t even vote for him.What is an average Austrian to do?”The formation of this coalition caused outrage across Europe, where the freedom party is viewed as something between neo-Nazis and conventional U.S Republican conversations.While all this stuff was stirring in Vienna, on Thursday European rabbis said they would move a planned meeting from Vienna.One of the men in charge Joerg Haider is unacceptable to the European family of nations.Aba Dunner, secretary general of the conference of European Rabbis, told a Slovakian newspaper.The thoughts of the Holocaust, Hitler and SS and concentration camps are not acceptable at the start of a new century and never can be, since we know exactly what they led to in the 30’s and 40’s.In Switzerland, where the right-wing People’s party captured 22.5 percent of the vote in the last election, European governments that opposed Haider were condemned as meddling.One poll showed half the Swiss opposed the action by the EU members.However the government goes at all this, Haider’s su…

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