attatchment disoreder theory

Attachment or bonding is the developing relationship established between a primary caregiver, usually the mother, and her child. Attachment behaviors begin early in life.This narrow age limit is often called the critical period.This trusting relationship developed in infancy forms the foundation for a child’s development.If a child has a secure attachment, he will grow up to view the world as a safe place and will be able to develop other emotions.It has become more and more apparent that a healthy attachment is most important in human development.
Why do some children survive and even rebound in the face of adversity? Some children are able to adapt and rebound and develop the resources they need to cope.The basic foundations of a child’s personality are formed in their early attachment to an adult caregiver.It allows the child to develop trust in others and a reliance on himself.Unless properly treated, unattached children grow up with pain and anger often vented on society.The major threat to attachment is separation.Some families do not have the strength to cope with chronic stress and repeated crises.
Probably the single most important factor is the establishment of a secure attachment to the primary caregiver.The secure attachment is favored by a secure, relaxed, supported mother.Family conflict, violence and family breakdown that leads to poverty, threatens healthy child development.A caring parent with reasonable expectations is most likely to help the child develop the optimistic perspective and coping skills they need.
Infants seem to rely on their caretakers long before they can indicate attachment with crying.In some hospitals, babies are scheduled to receive regular holdings and cuddling by staff members.Infants who do not receive contact comfort in infancy do not thrive and may not even survive.If the infant’s physical and environmental needs are met sufficiently, the infant develo…

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