In all cultures, infants develop an intense bond with those who care for them. Myers explains that from as early as being a newborn, infants prefer familiar faces and voices and as they grow older they would crawl behind the caregiver and will become distressed when separated. Infants cling tightly to caregivers when anticipating separation but when reunited, shower that individual with smiles, kisses and hugs. There is no social behavior that is more striking than this passionate infant love, called Attachment (1989 p 70-71).
Attachment is a powerful survival impulse that develops between a child and his or her primary caregiver as a result of a long-term relationship (Craig 1996 p66). Additionally it can be described as an attraction to someone that is based on psychological bonding (Bigner1998 p 243).The quality of an attachment indicates the character of a parent-child relationship and is a good predictor of a child's future behavior. It also plays a key role in a mother's nurturing response, which ultimately is responsible for the child's survival and well-being.
Attachment is one of the few and important developmental phenomena that appears to be found universally in all humans and in all cultural settings. This writer agrees with Myers who states that as much as the experiences of infancy are not long consciously remembered and their effects may largely be reversed by later experiences, they can nevertheless have a lasting influence on the developmental process of human beings. Through a sense of attachment a child develops into a normal adult, socially, emotionally, physically, and psychologically (Myers 1989 p 86).
Continuing the writer affirm that attachment lays the foundation for later relationships with peers, relatives, other adults, spouses, or lovers and if this bonding is disrupted or strained in anyway affects the child's freedom and ability to explore their world.
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