Attachment Disorder

This paper explores issues related to the lack of establishing an infant bond during the
critical stage of child development. The paper focuses how the lack of proper bonding may result in ongoing emotional, social, developmental and behavioral problems.It briefly discusses the diagnosis of Reactive Attachment Disorder and techniques useful in treatment children diagnosed with attachment disorders.The topic discussed is largely related to a personal case study.
"As the twig is bent, so the tree's inclined." (Chinese proverb)
I have always felt strongly that the environment in which a child is raised during thefirst few years of life can leave scars that last a lifetime.This opinion results from my own childhood in a dysfunctional family, from observing those who had things worse than I did, and from observing children who were adopted into loving families after two or more years of age.My limited knowledge of the field of psychology backs this opinion.Erikson has concluded that "childhood is the scene of man's beginning as man, the place where our particular virtues and vices slowly but clearly develop and make themselves felt."He has further explained that babyhood is a time of "basic trust" –the individual learns to view the world as safe, reliable, and nurturing; or a time of "basic distrust"- the individual learns to view the world as full of threat, unpredictability, and treachery.Which the child will learn, Erikson explained, will depend on how parents gratify the child's needs for food, attention, and love.Once learned these attitudes will color the individual's perceptions and people throughout life (Hurlock,p. 25).
Observing families who had adopted children over two years of age I began to wonder if the scars of mistreatment in infancy could ever effectively be overcome.I have observed results ranging from emotional instabilit…

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