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The users that are infected usually aren't aware of the disease until it's too late for them to be properly treated.People that get AIDS from having more than one sexual partner effect the life of every person they sleep with.Mothers who are pregnant with AIDS may pass the disease on to their child without them being able to do anything about it.No matter how a person gets the disease their chances of dying are 100%.Family and friends of AIDS patients are effected because they have to see that person go through the disease.In the long run, there is no easy way to deal with AIDS; the burden is something people have to cope with in their own way.
Remedies of AIDS are very limited since there isn't a cure for the disease.Treatment for AIDS is given only to slow the disease from spreading rapidly.One major drug called AZT has been highly effective in reducing HIV transmission.The most effective method of preventing HIV and AIDS is education.Parents and schools make the students aware of the disease at an early age so they are at a lower risk.Education and the use of certain drugs have reduced the amount of people who get the disease and die with the disease, but that's not enough.In just one year the amount of people who are infected with HIV has risen 10 percent.
AIDS is a social problem that everyone would like to get rid of.The disease is painful emotionally and physically both for the patient and their family.For the disease to be kept under control, massive campaigns and cooperation are needed to spread the education of AIDS to all countries.The commitment and resources needed to create such a project has been a problem since some people don't want to be part of such a dangerous epidemic.Until a cure or something used to prevent AIDS is discovered, the number of HIV infections will continue to rise.All people must learn how to protect themselves and remember it's …

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