Atomic Energy for Peace

When something new is produced by the Science if it has advantages then it also somehow disadvantages on some of its sides and so often we have seen throughout.Firstly, when atom has been produced it said that it is one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the past century and it can be used in many positive purposes.
On the other side in the second world war the destruction caused by the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki it caused to a great extent of the wastage of the many precious crown lives of the innocent people it led to develop a feeling against the great scientific discovery, science which had always been regarded as an instrument of human attainment and material progress, had degraded in the eyes of the world, but this was only a timely thinking they were unaware of its tremendous constructive potentials.
Later research on the atom proved that mankind had discovered a power which promises to be the most powerful instrument in future for the welfare of humanity.
In the early 1950s the USA more or less enjoyed the monopoly of atomic knowledge, other nations had as yet not ever thought about it.Now many of the countries got this great invention of the modern age mostly the atomic energy brought into the positive uses.Today, it produces electricity for use on earth and in space; it is also used most successfully in agriculture.It has been found that plants and seed subjected to direct radiation of atomic energy give greater yield and better crops.
In the field of medicine atomic energy promised to be of great benefits to the suffering humanity.Industry is also not far behind in utilizing this great source of power for better and greater production.In USA a large number of big and small firms are using atomic energy of securing cheaper production.As an intention of desire to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes the USA has offered to share her atomic knowledge and resources with other count

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