Atomic and Ionic Radi

Atomic and Ionic Radi

The purpose of this essay is to give explanation to the formation of the periodic table and all of it's elements and how they are organized and put into periods and families and the trends that involved with those parts. This essay will emphasize the atomic and ionic radi. The radius of an atom or Ion is measured from the nucleus of the atom and taken to the outermost electron.
We will also investigate the trends and the factors that affect the radius of the atom. There are two things that separate the periodic table; the family which runs vertical and the period that runs horizontal.
There are 4 factors that affect the atom and ions radius. The addition of energy levels. The magnitude of the positive charge of the nucleus. The shielding effect and the interference that it creates between electrons and the nucleus. Last but not least the electron configuration stability electron arrangement.
The trends for the atom and ionic compounds increases size from top to bottom with in the family. Where as with in the period the decreases in size from left to right. But like every rule there are exceptions.
There are 3 different ways that the factors discussed can affect the trends in the family. In a positive way a negative way or have no affect on the trend. We will break down how each factor will affect the trend in the family. A positive thing is the addition of energy levels which allows for electron to have larger radius from the nucleus to the outer most electron. The shielding affect is also positive because it means the that magnitude of the charge is not large enough to make the entire electron shrink. A negative factor is the magnitude of the positive charge because the larger the magnitude the closer the outermost electron is because it pulls the everything closer together. The factor that does not affect the trends in the family is electron configuration because that does not affec…

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