Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic Puffin is member of the Alcidae Family.These birds
can be found abundantly, estimated 14 million, in the North Atlantic
ocean.They can be found on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, but a much
larger population is found in Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.They only
come ashore to breed and raise a chick.Puffins range in size from
11.5-13.5 inches in length, and their wingspan 21-24 inches.Their weight
is usually no more than 490.5 grams.
They have been given nicknames like "sea parrot" and "clowns of the
sea" because of their multi-colored bills.Atlantic puffins were once used
by humans for their feathers, which were used in ladies hats.Today they
are a common food item in Iceland.( )Something else that makes these
birds so unique is their eyes.They are set deeply in the skull with round
full cheeks.Around the eye there is crimson ring and above it a small
triangular blue, horny plate and below it a bar similar in color.However it
is only during breeding season that the Atlantic Puffin sports its colorful
red, yellow, and blue beak.Once nesting season is over the color
disappears.During the winter months both adult and juvenile have a dirty
gray face, usually the juvenile's is even darker. From September through
February these birds can be located from the North Atlantic into the
Mediterranean Sea.While at sea they can swim easily, riding the waves
even in the roughest weather.Puffins feed on small fish mollusks, and
crustaceans.They are able to catch these animals from wither the air or
water.They dive down and swallow the animals underwater.
Towards the end of February and early March the start to arrive at
their nesting grounds .They usually gather just offshore in'rafts'.As the
season advances , and more time is spent on land, the birds bond with eat
other, cooing and nibbling.Both male and …

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