Atkin’s Diet

The Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet has recently become one of the most talked about diets in America.The diet consists of taking carbohydrates out of a person;s everyday eating pattern.People are eagerly ready to dive into the diet before they even have a clue of what it consists of.There are a lot of unknown certainties about the diet and its effects.Dr. Steve Gaskill, an exercise physiologist and Dr. Blakely Brown, a nutritional biochemist recently explained the importance of exercise and without it any diet is virtually useless.They conducted an open to questions presentation that welcomed the general public.They informed and persuaded that the Atkins diet can be potentially unhealthy and ineffective when looking to loose weight for the long run.
The structure of the speech was put together very well.Dr. Gaskill began the presentation by giving a slideshow about obesity and some causes for it in the United States.It prepared the audience with the knowledge of how serious being overweight can be on our bodies.It was also a good way to start because it let people know information that they would need to know about in order to get the best out of the rest of the speech.It was easy to get interested because of the facts that came straight from our own country about our overall eating habits.The facts were rather shocking with a high percentage rate of over half our population is overweight.The credibility that Dr. Gaskill and Dr. Brown brought was very respectful.The both have appropriate degrees and work in the health department and conduct hands on exercises and experiments.They get involved with the students as well as the outside public.There preparation allowed the body of the speech to flow pretty well and organization was a key to explaining their opinions.They held the opinion through out the entire presentation that the Adkins diet was not a healthy successful strategy to dieting.Strength…

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