athletic training

Hypothesis:How fast does your muscle fatigue?I think it should not take a persons muscle very long to cramp and be in pain.The person that was squeezing the ball in my group told the rest of us that his hand was not in much pain.When we looked around the roomwe saw that the people squeezing the tennis ball could not keep a continuo pace for the three trials.Some of the people said that their forearm was the part the was starting to cramp.
Background: Muscle fatigue in a person is the exhaustion of his/her muscles.The fatigue is caused by the lack of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).As a result of the lack of ATP the myosin cross bridge can not tell the muscle to contract more than it already is.Myosin cross bridge is the head of the myosin molecule.The myosin molecule is one of the four protein molecules the make up myofilaments.Myosinis usually shaped like a gold club.The head of the myosin is attracted to the actin molecule which is located in the thin filaments.Myosin is usually located in the thick filament.If there is a lack of ATP there could be a reduction of the oxygen or glucose in the muscle fibers.Some other factors that contribute to muscle fatigue are high levels of lactic acids andmetabolic waste.
1.Squeeze tennis ball rapidly for three minutes.
2.Count the contraction and record every fifteen seconds.
4.Repeat squeezing for three minutes.
5.Repeat fifteen seconds count contraction and record.
7. Repeat squeezing for three minutes counting contraction every fifteen seconds and recording.
Results: In this lab I broke down three trials that went for the time of three minutes.Each minute was broken down into four sets of fifteen seconds.In thefirst trial thefirst minute remand constant between forty-four

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